The Imperfect Perfectionist

Perfectionism is a horrible tyrant especially if you aren’t perfect. And in the interest of full disclosure, I am not.

I’ve heard it said- but I can’t quote you the source- that the makers of fine handmade Turkish rugs intentionally get one of the knots wrong so that they don’t get above themselves by stealing perfection from God. Now that might not be true at all, but the ideal of intentionally getting something wrong does have a certain appeal to me. You see I have attempted to start a website and webcomic several times only to be stopped in my tracks by that inner critic that says, “You’re not ready. You’ll look stupid, and fail.”

That voice can be very powerful, but I am fortunate to have some things in my favor. I have wonderful supportive wife and family, very supportive friends as well as the example of generous artists that have gone before me. That is how this blog was born, and I think that’s the only way it will grow and develop.

You may have noticed this is my second post, and the first one was very ambitious about 40 days of new posting. You may also have noticed that there aren’t thirty other posts here so I can say that I have that all important first dent in the car. My inner critic is laughing and mocking me even now, but I’ve come up with my answer, “I’m not ready, I may look stupid, and my plan is to fail as many times as it takes to succeed.”

My new plan is to post every Monday and update more often when I can (a little more reasonable for full time teacher, parent, husband), and I’m commissioning you to help hold me accountable. I think that art should be fun and I hope you have fun with mine.


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