The Vegetable Suspects

The Vegetable Suspects

Hello friends. Here’s this Monday’s Doodle rejected by Let me know if you get the joke, and if you know of a T-shirt company that might pay me for it. Thanks and enjoy.


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Samwell Tarly

Sam and the Three-Eyed Crow... band name... called it!

Sam and the Three-Eyed Crow… band name… called it!

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A Partial Success?

My brother challenged me to make the rest of the Justice League in Hans Hans the Biking Viking style so I dove in. This week’s hero is Green Lantern, and it is my firm belief that Jack Black should be chosen to be the next emerald defender. I’m not sure if I succeeded in the Hans Hans style, but here’s my try.

Green Lantern

You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.

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Ours is the Fury

The Brothers Baratheon

The Brothers Baratheon

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And even more Wonder

Okay I wasn’t going to do another Wonder Woman this week, but I found this art from a game called Hans Hans the biking viking and thought the style was fun. As soon as I decided to do the Hans Hans style I thought of this scene from the movie and couldn’t resist. So here’s my Hans Hans Wonder Woman vs. Ares (only mild spoilers).

“This is no man’s land, Diana! It means no man can cross it, alright?”

Here it is without all the wacky shading

“What one does with the truth is more difficult than you think.”

and here’s the inspiration from

Can you look at that #2 illustration and not think of our favorite amazon about to kick bottom?

I expect you’ll see more of the Hans Hans style in the future cuz it was so fun to draw, and I know at some point you’ll see more of WW (but if I don’t slow that down I’ll have to rename the blog WonderWomanDoodles).

Oh and here’s a bonus version that you can color yourself

What colors will you choose?


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More Tyrion

Would it kill her to stoop?

Would it kill her to stoop?

Yes, they're dragons.

Yes, they’re dragons.

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She’s a wonder Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was a fun movie and it made me want to draw. So here’ s our latest edition of the champion of the Amazons and protector of guys. She’s a wonder Wonder Woman.

"What I do is not up to you."

“What I do is not up to you.”

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Spoiler Alert!

Is that the Red...

Is that the Red…

They call me, Two Thumbs Tyrion.

... or the White?

… or the White?

(I think we should make a T-shirt out of one of these designs)

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Flower Child

Hawkins Indiana has a special kind of Flower Child

Flower Face

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Fantastic Fight

Ben's about to get a beat down.

Ben’s about to get a beat down.

Though it’ll probably be a short fight… cause Ben’s not in his Thing form.

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