And now for the art…

My fan art of Katie Cook's Gronk at Play

The last straw

This weekend I had an opportunity to meet a really cool artist in person. I have been following Katie Cook on the internet at for a little over two years now. I found her website after I stumbled on to her rendition of The Watchmen while googling the movie (which was not as cool as Katie’s drawing).

Katie Cook's rendition of the Watchmen

Katie's Version of the Watchmen

Katie is an illustrator that does really great stuff that references pop culture (Star Wars!) and many other things as well. If you don’t know her stuff then go ahead and pop over to her site before you finish this blog because you’ll like it. I’ll wait.

I told you it would be cool and I’m glad that you came back. Last year Katie started her own webcomic about a little monster Okay I’ll wait again.

It has been inspiring to me to watch Katie branch out into new narrative realms and so when I saw that she was coming to the Strong Museum of Play I thought I would make something to give her as a thanks. I didn’t really expect to have her post it on her site (it was just a thanks and I can be shy that way) but she asked if I would mind and I said it would be okay (very excited inside) as long as I could clean it up a little and send it to her electronically(again with the shy).

Then she sent me an email saying that she was going to put it in the Gronk rotation and asking me if there was anywhere she would like me to link it to! Now you can imagine a cartoon version of me running around in circles (I don’t know why my version looks like old school Goofy) both excited and nervous because I don’t have anywhere for her to link to, but I want to (I had started this site a few weeks ago, but I think I’m the only one to visit it).

So I say thank you again to Katie for her drawings, inspiration and for motivating me to get my blog in order.

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