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Purple Person Propaganda

I enjoyed making bookmarks for our universe so I thought that I would make one for a universe where Thanos wins. A little purple person propaganda.

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Almost Forgot it Was Monday

Sorry this is late. I forgot it was Monday. Stayed up too late watching the super bowl. Enjoy this color burned Bride.

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Christmas is for Art

I love that my family gets me things that tie into art for Christmas. Here’s a pic of an Elastigirl sculpture I got from my brother.

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More Christmas Adventures

Quite enjoying the Manga pen set. These two are from The Art of Frozen. Not my best drawings, but they were fun to do.

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The Justice Read

Our school sent some books to Texas when the hurricane wiped out their school libraries. We made some book marks to send with the books to add a personal touch. These were the ones I made.

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And even more Wonder

Okay I wasn’t going to do another Wonder Woman this week, but I found this art from a game called Hans Hans the biking viking and thought the style was fun. As soon as I decided to do the Hans … Continue reading

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Perfect Von Stomm

You’re just askin for a wedgie!   Good luck, I’m wearing a onesie. With Disney owning Marvel you had to know this would happen eventually. I drew the Punisher (thrice actually) and Buford, but I totally stole the background (hey it … Continue reading

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Daredoodle Collaboration

Today’s post is a collaboration between doodlehoose 1 and doodlehoose too and doodlehoose jr. jr. The drawing is by Doodlehoose Too, the color by Doodlehoose 1 and the hand scanned courtesy of Doodlehoose Jr. Jr.

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Batgirl Begins

Meg got me this fun figure for Valentine’s day so that the bat team won’t be sexist. Here’s the black and whites too

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Many love the stories created by Madeleine L’Engle, but only those who truly believe realized that she was a unicorn as well. You can obviously tell that the reference photo was taken by an unbeliever.

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