Used to be a Bad Girl

"With experience comes power."

“With experience comes power.”

Okay so I was only able to get one of the dark queens this week and it’s Scarlet Witch. Did you know she was one of the original Brotherhood of Evil Mutants? I didn’t, but now you do (and knowing is half the battle).

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4 Responses to Used to be a Bad Girl

  1. Also the original design included the leg warmers and it wasn’t even the eighties!

  2. Matt says:

    The other half of the battle is shooting people with guns.

    The leg warmers on Scarlet Witch are what made the eighties trend happen. You see, nerds liked Scarlet Witch, they also were early adopters of home video technology, they eventually became movie directors, and then added Scarlet Witch leg warmers to every movie they made.

  3. Matt says:

    She invented Beta Max.

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