Little Sister

PrintI really like the book True Grit as well as the remake of the film by the Cohen brothers. Lately I’ve become a fan of the Walt Longmire series of books by Craig Johnson. The books have a great cover Illustrator Darren Welch and I wanted to try his style of cover. So I decided to imitate his style to create a book cover for True Grit.

Here’s a sample of Welch’s work

11127964-largeDark Horse_synopsis cover kindness-goes-unpunished-craig-johnson-paperback-cover-art

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3 Responses to Little Sister

  1. Matt says:

    You should attach a SPOILER alert to this one. I like the trees in the background and the color scheme. Very moody, very somber.

  2. Matt says:

    I think if you put her hand on her stomach so that a casual look will tell you she’s touching her belly… a pose often seen in oldthyme pictures… but the silhouette would show that she’s missing her arm. That might would without the spoiler, but hint at the spoiler.

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