This is Daphne.

Wyatt's daughter Daphne

What? I'm sorry I was texting.

Daphne is Wyatt’s daughter, but she only stays with him every other weekend and two weeks each summer.  She’s a teen and she’s not all that talkative, but she loves her smart phone.

She’s never actually looked up from texting so she doesn’t realize that UofR and Riot are aliens.  UofR doesn’t care for her because she takes attention away from him and because she always gets her way when it’s time to pick a restaurant.

Riot just takes it all in stride.

Wyatt cares a great deal about his daughter, but isn’t sure how to make her happy or get her to put the phone down for a minute.

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2 Responses to Daphne

  1. doodlehoose says:

    Love the extra thumbs

  2. Lori says:

    oh, so like the teens in my town…oblivious.
    I like you, Daphne!

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