Hey Buddy

Two's company Buddy's a crowd

He's one of a million or at least several thousand

This week’s doodle brings agent Buddy. With the ability to duplicate at will (unfortunately he can’t duplicate clothes so he always has to carry some with him if he plans to “Bud” (I suppose they are in the Segway)) and communicate with each “Bud” Buddy is the team’s communications expert. The title of the job he fills is communications officer, but there is little about Buddy that would suggest discipline and Lord help us all if he ever gets any authority.

All agent’s ages are classified, but an educated guess would place Buddy in his late teens or early twenties. It is hard to tell however since his “Buds” can age at different rates, and no one really knows if we’ve seen the real Buddy. He’s a little hard to deal with, but with his skills he doesn’t have to be the best at social interactions (he is an I.T. expert (not that there’s anything wrong with that)).

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3 Responses to Hey Buddy

  1. meg says:

    liking the red hair

  2. Matt says:

    Hey Bud. Hey. Buddy. What’s up Bud. Morning. Budster. Man how many of you guys are there?

  3. doodlehoose says:

    How many of us do you need?

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