I am not nice, I am not kind and I am not wonderful!

You have to imagine the famous laugh happening while you look at the image. The title is a quote I googled. I was thinking that Skeletor was purple, but he’s blue. I wonder if he’s a smurf.

“Not the way to treat your beloved ruler. Throw down your weapons or you die!”


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This Fish Guy Can Dance

He’s also pulling an A+ in AP Bio.

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Hrbmfle Fjhreuy Fmre

What do you mean you can’t understand me! All you 1%ers must tremble before the libraries of Bane!

When you have re-shelved all of the books, then you have my permission to die.

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Doodles from my doodle book

This one probably needed some color splashed on it.

Here’s a C, cause I didn’t have one before, and an E, cause I have one now.

Plus a BONUS Ned Stark, cause it’s fun to draw and think about Ned Stark.

I spelled the word and wrong… and had to cover it up.

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Another Bookmark

This one was just a fun excuse to play with markers.

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My name’s NOT BUDDY!

Of course I save all the best books for myself

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Give me a D… I haven’t a C

Just don’t… it’s not a good idea.

Here’s another old sketch… it starts with a D. I didn’t have any that started with C, but I did make a new one on a napkin that has someone dressed as a turtle… that’s something.

Dress for Success!

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From the Imperial Library

“Also I am your father.”

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Not A Paper Monster!

Two for the price of one

These came from my sketch book. They’re old-ish… but still good.

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Is Your Telos Sufficient to Orient Your Praxis

Does your worldview direct your actions? Do your beliefs change what you do? If they don’t then they aren’t strong enough. Real belief, true knowledge, changes.

Regardless of what you believe, if you don’t walk the talk then your beliefs don’t do any good. On Easter of 1986 my parents gave me a bible. I’ve read it quite a bit since then and it’s a bit beat up. When I was trying to think of how to show Easter this year I thought it would be a good tangible object connected to my beliefs.

I certainly don’t get everything that is in this book. Even the stuff I do “get” I often screw up. However, I do believe that God decided to share some of what we go through when sin separates us from him. He humbled himself and let a body separate him from perfect communion so that he could fix a broken world.

That’s what I believe. Now what will I do about it? What do you believe? What do you do about it?

Is your telos sufficient to orient your praxis, or do you need to change something?

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