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Another day without RAM

Computer is still down so here’s another from the rainy day bank.

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I Think…

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Computer Woes

Broke my PC so this is a post from my phone with a rainy day illustration I already had scanned. A marker and pencil rendering of our favorite man without fear.

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Honk is for HONK! HONK! HONK!

Honk. Honk. HONK!

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What would you have me do with Washington, Destro? Pepper it with spitballs?

Let’s all just remember that my brother made me do this.

” As of now, your little project is deader than disco! Hmmm… Deader than disco… I like that… I would have made a great stand-up comedian.”

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Golly G

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I am not nice, I am not kind and I am not wonderful!

You have to imagine the famous laugh happening while you look at the image. The title is a quote I googled. I was thinking that Skeletor was purple, but he’s blue. I wonder if he’s a smurf.

“Not the way to treat your beloved ruler. Throw down your weapons or you die!”


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This Fish Guy Can Dance

He’s also pulling an A+ in AP Bio.

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Hrbmfle Fjhreuy Fmre

What do you mean you can’t understand me! All you 1%ers must tremble before the libraries of Bane!

When you have re-shelved all of the books, then you have my permission to die.

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