What If?

To the streets of New York!

WHAT IF… instead of biting a sixteen year old science guy, that spider had chomped down on a powerful publishing tycoon, J. Jonah Jameson?

Without Parker’s brain, there’d be no webfluid… and with Jameson’s love of the limelight… no reason for a mask! Thus is born THE BUGLE!

Complete with a costume that harkens back to the days of Cap, when lil’ Jonah would’ve been extra impressionable.

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2 Responses to What If?

  1. Doodlehoose says:

    Stop the presses I’m going to need a full page spread in each section of me and I want the presses running again before I’m finished beating up this schlub!

  2. Matt says:

    PARKER!!!! I need more pictures of ME!!!

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