Triple Digits

It’s triple digits now!

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3 Responses to Triple Digits

  1. Matt says:

    Bruce Timm GoT is great. I like that Jamie has his slop bucket in the pic.

  2. Doodlehoose says:

    You caught that little detail 😉 I didn’t have the heart to color it.

    On colors I realized that he probably wouldn’t be wearing Lannister reds because he’s kings guard so it should just be dirty white. But I had already colored it so I figure the kings guard stuff got trashed when he tried to escape Riverrun the first time and so they made him dress in the reds so he would stand out.

    I like that Ned and he both wear a hand.

  3. Matt says:

    Hadn’t thought about Jamie wearing a hand… that’s a little detail that might have been accidental, but would sound super smart if claimed as purposeful… and maybe it is.

    I think Jamie might’ve been wearing his Lannister colors, cause he was riding on behalf of his father, not his King.

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