You are Getting My Design Process

Which Would You Wear

So you are on the inside track of my design process. Which one of these four would you wear?

What do you like? What would you change? Do I need to add some flesh tone to his face (I had it in my first round and was planning to add it to this one, but the white seemed to work, now I’m doubting myself)?

Let me know what you think

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11 Responses to You are Getting My Design Process

  1. Derek Trout says:

    Over 2. Are you a GoT fan?

  2. Derek Trout says:

    Or is this from the marvel universe? It just dawned on me the “Winter” connection and the name “Stark” connection in Game of Thrones and the Marvel Universe….

    • doodlehoose says:

      I was thinking about doing Tony Stark, but decided Mr. Stark could be either Father or Son and that it worked better. I thought Stank might be a bit too comical.

  3. Derek Trout says:

    Upon closer inspection you’re clearly going with the Winter Soldier. I really thought this was a Game of Thrones reference at first. I missed the arm give away under the scribbles

  4. Jared Barden says:

    Over 1 with the arm standing out a bit more.

  5. Matt says:

    I think I’m with Over 1 as well… but I do like the grit of Over 2…. either way, I like over better then Below. It’s Game of Thrones meets MCU and I don’t think it needs the flesh tone, I think the white works.

  6. doodlehoose says:

    Thanks for all of the feedback. The next iteration is in the works with a clearer arm and an over/under compromise…

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