PacMan, The Whisper, and Emma

A strange group of this and that, indeed.

You either die a hero or live to see yourself become the villain.

You either die a hero or live to see yourself become the villain.

In case it’s still not clear, after 6 attempts, the idea is that those little white dots aren’t just PacMan food… they’re the ghosts children… he’s eating their children! No wonder they want him taken out.

She's one tough dude.

She’s one tough dude.

This one started as a simple skull faced random hero, in the mold of The Shadow or The Phantom or early Batman, then became what I think is a pretty cool idea.

Wendy Watts works at a patent office… which is where she steals the ideas for all of her coolest gadgets. Then she uses them to fight crime as the vigilante known as The Whisper.

As a disguise she’s got the hood, but an extra added level of disguise is the fact that everyone always assumes The Whisper is a dude. They never guess they’re getting their butts kicked by a lady.

Ms. Woodhouse

Ms. Woodhouse

And this one is just a random little doodle I did this morning.

I’m listening to an Audio Book of Emma that’s read by an older lady and to hear Emma’s story in the voice of an old lady makes me think that perhaps Ms. Woodhouse is actually Lady Catherine De Bourgh in a larval stage.

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6 Responses to PacMan, The Whisper, and Emma

  1. lorihoose says:

    I so agree with you re: Ms. W and LCDB. Hearing EMMA on audio book, spoken by a mature woman is weird.

    LOVE Wendy Watts as the Whisper. Nice!

  2. doodlehoose says:

    I think you need to clean up the Pacman one and get it on a t-shirt to submit somewhere and get bucks!

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