Ghost Bat

Joker you are guilty

Joker you are guilty

This week’s post is a what if. What if Bruce Wayne had made the same deal that turned ghost rider into a flaming ball of vengeance? So here’s my version of Batman with the powers of Ghost Rider. To anyone feeling up to the challenge I would like to see the Batmobile ghosted out as well (I may do that, but ran out of umph).

I drew Batman and a skull for a teacher sample and then decided to put them together in Photoshop. I made the fire effect as well so the only thing that I grabbed from the internet was the bat symbol which I fired up (and the reference for Michael Keaton Batman and a skull).

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7 Responses to Ghost Bat

  1. This is awesome!!!! Please do the Batmobile too!!!!

  2. Matt says:

    He would probably scare people more by being on fire, then by being a Bat.

  3. lorihoose says:

    This is wildly creative. I love it!!

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