Super 25 – Cat Dastardly

The robot is tough, the cats even tougher.

The robot is tough, the cats even tougher.

Before becoming the foremost villain of his era, Cat Dastardly was a dirty kitten living in the alley behind Menlo Park.

His formative years were spent being kicked out of nice Italian restaurants, having firecrackers tossed at him by naughty school children, and sleeping in garbage cans.

He took each of these insults to heart.

But how could Edison have known, when he selected this particular gray stray as the subject for his latest experiment, the true nature of the beast.  The pure blackness of his grey heart.

Had Tom only known surely he would’ve picked that haggard looking tabby that wouldn’t stop rubbing up against his leg instead and the world would have been spared the furry – sorry fury – of Cat Dastardly!

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2 Responses to Super 25 – Cat Dastardly

  1. Robert says:

    Again I am loving the color, but this time I must say get that cat some pants!

  2. Matt says:

    The robot doesn’t even have pants.

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