Super 22- Restore


I got your back up

Restore is a member of BIOS and the guy you want when things go terribly wrong. The cool thing about being a sentient program is that when you get deleted that doesn’t necessarily mean the end. Restore is the guy who will find your save point and bring you back. He can’t always guarantee all of your memories, but he’ll save you from being wiped. There are rumors that he’s been working with Feedback to find earlier save points for the members of Malware so that he can bring them back into the team.

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2 Responses to Super 22- Restore

  1. Matt says:

    That’s an interesting idea. If he found older versions of them and made new copies, who can lay claim to being them? And wouldn’t it be hard to trust the new copies, knowing that the potential for them flipping is there… since they’ve already flipped in the past?

    • doodlehoose says:

      That’s why Power Up doesn’t want them to be found, but Feedback thinks that she can keep them on the straight and narrow this time- like getting a redo.
      Gives the heroes a little dramatic tension.

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