Super 15 – Forest Jumper

Don't worry Khloe and Lamar are fine.

Don’t worry Khloe and Lamar are fine.

Forest Jumper was born in the same hippie commune as Crypto Freewater.  Her father was a professional basketball player – until his back went out – and her mother a half elf seamstress.

She joined the U.S. Forestry Service and discreetly puts her special abilities to good use saving misplaced hikers and endangered woodland creatures. She is light on her feet, fast as an Olympic sprinter, has hops like nobodies business, and can understand the thoughts of small mammals.

(But they mostly spend their time thinking about food and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, so it’s not a very useful ability)

A NOTE on the COLOR: I colored this by hand with colored pencils then played with digital manipulation of the original piece.  Then I went and used a real pic for the background cause I thought it looked cool.

SIDE NOTE: It was actually because I was being lazy.

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2 Responses to Super 15 – Forest Jumper

  1. doodlehoose says:

    I’m just glad you found the picture instead of starting a fire to take one. Also the hair rocks.

  2. Matt says:

    I used a real background again in another upcoming one and it worked rather well.

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