Super 10 – Agent Orange

Sir, you're going to want to move out of my way.

Sir, you’re going to want to move out of my way.

Before the accident he was one of their most important assets.  Now Agent Orange is off the reservation and reeking havoc wherever he goes (plus putting out low levels of radiation)

You don’t wanna cross this double-crossing agent… and you really don’t wanna make him open his man bag.  Bad things happen when Agent Orange opens his man bag.

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3 Responses to Super 10 – Agent Orange

  1. doodlehoose says:

    Love it! The color on this is great, and I think the sneakers are way cool.

  2. doodlehoose says:

    Oh and I think there’s another dimension in that bag (bigger, and scarier, on the inside).

  3. Matt says:

    The sneakers are so he can move quickly when needed.

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