Albion Bat

Albion Bat

When Albion needs a hero…


Pastor Bat

Pastor Randy is Batty

This week’s post is for a friend’s bat cave. It borrows heavily from other sources. I traced the church in Photoshop and grabbed the lightning from online. I also grabbed the Batman sillouhette from a piece by Bruce Timm and gave it my own rim lights. Just want to make sure to give credit where credit is due. The second drawing (Pastor Bat) is all mine, but I did use Bruce Timm for Reference- he rocks.


My Photo Reference


Bruce Timm’s Awesome Sauce


Bruce Timm Bats

My Reference and where I sampled the colors from for Past Batty

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20 Responses to Albion Bat

  1. Matt says:

    Sweet Pastor Bat or Father Bat… better maybe, but he’s not Catholic.

  2. Matt says:

    That 2001-06 Justice League design is lame.

  3. Awesome!!!! When do I get my signed copy so i can hang it in the Cave? (or better yet, my office 🙂

    • Mr. Hoose says:

      I’m working on a version with a shadow. The signed copy may take a little while because my color printer is not doing very well. However, I can get you a hand done variation.

      • Randy LeBaron says:

        Sweet! I’ll put the hand drawn in the Bat Cave and when you get the printed I’ll put that one in my office at church. 🙂

  4. Matt says:

    The 2001-06 is a regression. The colors go back to light, the body gets thinners, the chin weaker. The lines for the abs take away some of the simplicity. It’s not a bad, bad design, but it’s a step backwards towards the first one, instead of a progression for the character, like the 4th one is.

    • Mr. Hoose says:

      In that light I can see your point. My question would be is the Justice League part of the Animated Series continuity or is it a break and restart? It was a move to a new network and new voice for Superman.

  5. Matt says:

    I think it’s all meant to be one continuity… thus the Justice League tie-ins to Batman Beyond

  6. Mr. Hoose says:

    As an educator I am loathe to quote wikipedia, but it is consistent with other fan sites that TAS and BB are part of the JL continuity. I looked at the official DC site, but couldn’t find an answer in 5 minutes (I might look more). If that is true then I agree with Matt that the costume is a step back, but recognize that it does represent a change of network, writing team and focus (shift to 3 part mini movie arc format).

    • Randy LeBaron says:

      BB was not originally part of the continuity with TAS or comics but more recently since Batman #666 and the intro. of Batman Inc. they have been retroactively merging the two and bridging the gap to allow BB into continuity.

  7. Matt says:

    Paul Dini left after Animated Series and Bruce Timm helmed Justice League… I think. The amount of cameo’s went up, the comic book nature became more apparent, and the quality dipped a bit. They also tied the Beyond world to the Justice League world with a time travel story arch

    Terry is then connected to Bruce in a super lame way.

    • Randy LeBaron says:

      Paul Dini still wrote scripts for both The Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and Batman Beyond but, that being said, I agree that neither of the Justice Leagues compared artistically w/ TAS. There were some good standout episodes though. 🙂

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