Color Me Spectacular- Our 200th Post!

Spidey and Friends Color Without CityHere it is straight up without a background

Spidey and Friends Color With CityHere we are with Rochacha serving as the backdrop.I think they should film it here.Spidey and Friends 001 small

Okay today has had a bit of frustration with my scanner going on and off, but I was able to scan something with no time left to color it.

I updated the Amazing team of Firestar, Iceman and Spidey with Cheeks’ Spectacular redesign taking 1981 to 2008 (now I’m only 5 years behind).  I think it works and can’t wait to get you the color version. Until then you should print it and bust out the crayons. Then send me a pic.

Oh and since it’s our 200th post here’s a bonus pic of Poison Ivy taking over the city

Poison Ivy 002 flat small

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4 Responses to Color Me Spectacular- Our 200th Post!

  1. Matt says:

    Wow 200! Crazy.

  2. Matt says:

    Very cool, and that’s probably 80% you.

  3. Randy LeBaron says:

    Congrats! I still need something for the Bat Cave before it fills up (more) 😉

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