A Gritty Pic for a Gritty Flic

Okay this is several weeks of scanner issues now and I’m going a little bonkers. I have loads of work to do for school and I haven’t been able to do my at home IT. Uninstalling and reinstalling put’s the scanner up, but for some reason I can see it without accessing it. Ugh.

So this week’s post comes from the past. I scanned this rough after watching one of my guilty pleasures- The Long Kiss Good Night. Starring Samuel L. Jackson as a man caught up in a plan that is bigger than him and the incredible Geena Davis as the female version of Jason Bourne. It really is like Bourne with the roles reversed and it is full of explosions, spy stuff and loads of violence.

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  1. Matt says:

    It actually has one of the Bourne actors in it too.

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