Super Remix

Clark, Kal El and Superman

This week’s post is my idea for a Superman story remix.

My notion is that the Kent’s actually do have a boy named Clark. He’s a good boy but sickly and allergic to everything. The doctors don’t know what to do. Clark spends most of his time in bed reading. He is a fast learner and books are his world. They are also his escape.

Kal-El is the Kryptonian child of the El’s, but they are not humanoid. They are a race of symbiotes that live in collaboration with the other species on Krypton. Jor-El (Kal’s dad) discovers the planet is dying and put’s his son in suspended animation within a shielded box that he places in a meteor shell and hurls it all toward Earth. He’s seen the planet and knows that it is full of life and that whereever Kal lands he will find a host.

Clark convinces his parents to go out on a date for the evening. They are worried, but he persuades them that he will be all right and that he has everything he needs in his room. They go out and a meteorite hits the house demolishing it. Luckily it contains the box with Kal-El which opens when it senses Clark and the two merge.

Kal-El meets Clark

Clark and Kal-El discover that together they are incredibly strong and able to do amazing things. Early on they cannot seperate, but Kal-El can recede when Clark needs to be incognito. They communicate telepathically and share all memories and strengthes. As Kal-El matures he is able to imitate shapes and colors and together he and Clark come up with the form of Superman. Clark gives him a cape and the great square chin of every hero, Kal-El gives him the crest of his family.

As Superman Clark is able to live out the fantasies of his literary youth, and Kal-El is able to come out of hiding and show himself to the world. They both fall in love with Lois and so we enter the classic dramatic love triangle that includes an odd fourth wheel that is a combination of two.

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2 Responses to Super Remix

  1. Matt says:

    Cool. I like the blue man Superman.

  2. Meg says:

    more comments! it’s sweet! the flaming teddy will be in my bad dreams….

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