Sometimes you have to fight

Sometimes you have to fight for what’s right

This week’s post is my very first crossover. Comic books do it all the time, so I’m plunging in. The folks over at comissioned me to do an illustration for their banner. They also happen to be my cousin and her husband so not quite Hooses, but an honorable mention for sure.

The illustration above is my attempt to capture that moment right after you put the rings  and your dukes up. Marriage is not easy (it’s made out of people) and if you want to succeed at it you (and your spouse) will have to be willing to fight all the things that will try to tear you apart (even when it’s your own fault). So married folks imagine you’re the size of some wedding toppers and get into position. You have to watch each others’ backs!

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3 Responses to Sometimes you have to fight

  1. Matt says:

    Very classy look. Nice color. Class

  2. Meg says:

    flippin sweet

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