Magpie and Weasel

Magpie and Weasel

Here’s this week’s post. This couple is Magpie and Weasel. He’s a retired cat burglar and all around thief. She’s an up and coming cat burglar and all around thief. She’s his apprentice. She’s stealing a wallet in this pic.

The sketch below is my first try at the couple and I like that Weasel better, but I like this Magpie more. I need to keep trying because I don’t think that it’s quite there yet.

Take 1

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2 Responses to Magpie and Weasel

  1. Matt says:

    I like it, it’s got a good vibe. Sorta Kim Possibleish

  2. doodlehoose says:

    I like that you use the word Possibleish. Gold Star!

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