Now with a bonus dimension

Hulk Sculpt!

This week’s post is going to stretch the definition of a doodle to include sculpture. I haven’t had a chance to paint it yet, but I had so much fun with the Avengers movie that I decided to sculpt a Hulk. I did it as a teacher sample for my art club and they didn’t seem to care so I thought I would share it here.

Here are the several sides of Hulk.

Hulk Turn!

I am planning to paint it and I am in the process of making a Wonder Woman to take on the Hulk  so there will be more 3D (it’s such a trendy word) posts, but you won’t have to pay an extra four bucks for the glasses.

I’ve also included the pic below to give you a sense of scale.

Hulk getting in touch with his special lady.

Hulk Text!

And because I don’t like posting without giving you at least one finished product (as finished as I ever get them). Here is a bonus Wolverine marker rendering I made yesterday because I needed a break from sculpting.

The great American Canadian in his natural habitat

You talking to me? Bub

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