Makes you Wonder

Wonder Woman Flying past Andy's room

The kind of jet Jack Donaghy will buy when his wine goes big with the hip hop scene

This week I’m dipping into my rainy day folder. I was planning to post another Hulk, but didn’t finish yet (finishing up week two of a low level cold that is wearing away at me (so tired (such a lame excuse))). I went on a Wonder Woman spree a little while ago during our TAG/Yurit season and didn’t post em. I’m going to show you two of those and then let you anticipate that there are more that will be sprung upon you at random times.

The first one up there is drawn by hand and colored in photoshop. I always liked the idea of an invisible jet, but often wondered how you would find where you parked it. I suppose it would be the landing gear shaped depressions in the grass and the constant head bumping by joggers. I also think this picture could be interpretted as a Wonder Woman Barbie flying around in Andy’s room. So you are allowed to take it either way (or make up your own interpretation we are postmodern after all).

The pic below is a bit more raw. The only thing I did digitally was scan it and crop a little. So this was me in insomniac mode with limited markers and no patience for polish. I think that the minator is pretty well accepted as the epitome of testastarone so it seemed fitting that our feminine hero take him out.


Tossing out the trash

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