Pocket portrait and a little more Blade Runner

This week’s doodles are something I drew as a warmup and another doodle from Blade Runner.

Pocket Portrait

The first one is what I call a pocket self-portrait using pen and markers. Take whatever is in your pocket, arrange it and draw it. If you’re willing to expend energy to carry it, then it will tell us something about you. What does mine tell you?

I just wanted to see if I could play

The second one is Rachel at Deckard’s house after playing a bit on the piano. Rachel is a replicant that has only recently discovered that her memories come from someone else. That she is a fabrication of a man who made her to be his servant. She plays the piano to see if she can really play or if it’s only a memory that never happened. If you haven’t seen Blade Runner, and you like sci-fi at all- then you should stop reading this and go see Blade Runner.

These are pretty quick because I was sick this weekend and didn’t have any time for digital work. All the same I hope you enjoy them and have a great week. I’m going to go take a nap and try to recover some more.

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