Name TAG! Page 5- The Art of Disguise

The ink is dry and here is page 5

Page 5

Here is page 5. I hope it was worth the wait. I actually had everything done early and scheduled to post instead of last minute. Now if I get to page 6 soon I could be early two weeks in a row.

Enjoy and remember to use your cheezy accents responsibly.

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3 Responses to Name TAG! Page 5- The Art of Disguise

  1. meg says:

    the accent makes me titter aloud

  2. Matt says:

    What’s the name of that thing in his hand? Is it just a camera or is it something special for Directors only?

    • doodlehoose says:

      It’s a viewfinder. I looked it up because I’ve seen directors use it. It’s just the lens without the camera part and some of them have handles, some don’t. It seemed like something an auteur would use.

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