Time has almost caught us my friend

A diamond in the rough I hope

Page Five Rough Sketch

Sometimes in my life I bite off more than I can chew. This is one of those times. Not only did I decide to launch a web comic January 2nd, but I also decided to continue a tradition I started last year of a new Facebook profile drawing every day of the month of January.

Last year around this time I had one child, a full time job and an illustration a day. This year I have a full-time job, a weekly webcomic, two children and an illustration a day. I almost made it, but I found myself bogged down last week and I got way off with my pace for the comic. I posted page 4 quite late last Monday, and I didn’t think that I could reasonably complete this week’s page in time to post today.

So I decided that I would bribe your forgiveness by showing you that I am working on the next page of TAG! (it’s right up there), and sharing one of the “rainy day” illustrations that I was able to bank during a good drawing week. I know it’s not a fully inked TAG!, but it’s a window into my illustration process and another illustration of my Superman ala Steampunk.

This is Kal El in all of his Victorian glory drawn in the style of Bruce Timm. My interpretation of an intrepreation and Yes I was going for the Meta! I also want you to know that I only used 1 (that’s right 1) gradient in the entire illustration (see if you can find it).

From Krypton to Victorian Earth, Oh so Many Manners!

Superpunk Animated.

So I hope you will forgive me for missing my TAG! deadline and I will continue to work on finishing page 5 of Name TAG!

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