Velvet's Back

Velvet's Back

The smoking gun

Better than Bond

This is agent Velvet. She’s can do anything that James Bond can do, but in heals. I

think of her as May West meets Urtha Kit and all that that entails.

She’s the member of the team that gets into tough spots undetected. She’s smooth, but not soft.

I haven’t quite got her character sheet down yet, but I will show you my second two drawings of her (the first one wasn’t worth scanning, but it did lead the way here, and I might show it later because it has more characters on it that I don’t want to reveal yet).

A spy is born

My second drawing and really the first one of our Velvet

The sketch above is sort of the concept car. I know that pose is impossible, but I think it captures the spirit of the character and the ideal of a very smooth (sexy) walk. I haven’t been able to match that completely yet, but I’m trying.

This next sketch is my third drawing of Velvet and shows that she will be one of our agents of disguise.

She makes that dress look good

The most noticed spy in the room

The most noticed spy in the room

Look for more agents soon.

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  1. Matt says:

    Wow, that’s a provocative pose.

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