There’s more than one Hoose in the House!

Rain or snow or alien invasion will not stop the US Mail


When I named this blog Doodle Hoose I always had in mind that Hoose is both the plural and the singular. Today’s bonus blog is brought to you by my brother Matt.

He felt that he had to include a character riding something blue to follow Mercury.

Here’s his explanation of his character Uofar
His name is UofR and he is the supreme leader of an advance group of alien beings; if you can call two aliens a group.

UofR is action oriented and never lets his lack of a plan get in the way of getting things done.  He will always put his whole heart into achieving his alien goals, whatever those goals might be.

Although UofR is not particularly bright, he doesn’t see why that should be an issue… what sort of monument have brains and brawn ever erected that sheer determination couldn’t match… or at least pull down.

In a world that is very foreign to him UofR is making his own way. Engage!

– – – – –


Here’s another sketch of our fearless leader.

The one that didn't get away

I'm a mammal you idiot!

Here’s a first round of the character and some other folks you’ll see soon.

A trio of trouble

Three's a crowd

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