The King has climbed the building

The King of Rock and Roll gets a radioactive spider bite

Spider King Uuuh huh

This week’s blog is a mash-up of two pop culture icons. A lip curling hip shaker and a web spinning wall crawler. I spent the last week in Memphis and while I was there I was introduced to The Spectacular Spider-man by my 1st cousin in law once removed. I also noticed the murmurs of Elvis week in the city that served as his home and somehow the two ideals seemed ripe for a combo (I mean they both have charisma and armpit wings it seems like an obvious connection).

A DVD that is fun to watch

Spectacular Spectacular Spiderman

Nothin but a hound dog

Are you lonesome tonight?

Unfortunately I got to the party a little late because The Spectacular Spiderman was canceled after two seasons (spanning 2008 and 2009), and Elvis died 34 years ago.

However, the DVD set has helped me get caught up on Spidey and my dad ensured that I was never lacking in Elvis education while growing up (he made sure I was familiar with both the King’s music and his uneven (to be generous) acting).

So enjoy this week’s hunka hunka a burnin blog.

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