Super Punk

Steam Lex gets his

Super Punk

Today’s post is my variation on Superman via Steam Punk. So imagine that Krypton sent it’s last son to Metropolis during the Victorian Age. My guess is that the presence of aliens would have changed our path a bit. Here we see a version of Lex that has joined with Brainiac to make the best of the technology of the age. The aviator scarf is my nod to a cape without breaking the rules I learned from The Incredibles- No Capes!

I started this one with a pencil drawing and then colored it in Photoshop. Thanks to my brother I used a wacom tablet to do the shading on the background. I really enjoyed that, but ditched it for the main characters because I wanted to go faster and I’m used to the mouse. I will have to restrict my tools soon so that I force myself to use new ones, but I liked what I got out of this illustration and I think the scratchy pencils match the  scene.

Now I’m going to go try to imagine the Superman theme on a pipe organ.

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7 Responses to Super Punk

  1. Michelle says:

    Love it! I’m diggin the scarf 🙂

    • Robert says:

      I figure the scarf is made to look like the pants, but it’s not made of Kryptonian cloth (pants and jacket are to avoid nudity during battle). That way if the scarf gets stuck somewhere it just shreds and he doesn’t get choked to death. That would mean he would have to buy a lot of scarves, but maybe I’m over thinking this.

  2. Matt says:

    That’s cool. The background is pretty amazing. I like the idea of Superman helping blimp passengers to the ground after a villain gets punched through the balloon.

  3. Lori says:

    Yikes, that villian looks like a Hoose. Not you, I’m sure, but perhaps an uncle or a cousin??? Like Pinkie, I’ve known a few Hoose’s to have aspirations to take over the world. tee, hee. LOVE it!

  4. Meg says:

    The philosophy of the details, i.e. scarf, not cape, is brilliant!

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