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Name TAG! page 9- The Good the Bull and the Ugly

This one was very fun to draw and no Bulls were harmed in the drawing (it’s an artificial breakoff horn used for stunts). My favorite part was no words.

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Name TAG! Page 4- De Feet

All right I’ll admit it. I am out of buffer and up to date. This one would have been a lot more fun without such an impending deadline. Must start next weeks. Enjoy

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Name TAG! page 2, We’re here

Okay this page was tough. I loved doing the drawing, and then realized that I hadn’t left any space for the words or even considered exactly what I was going to say. I have really enjoyed getting going on this … Continue reading

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Here are the agents of TAG! (Top Agents Go!). Taken from the best of the best of the best (and Buddy) they are the planet Earth’s (or at least America’s) most potent guards. My brother and I have been assembling … Continue reading

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We are men of action…

Lies do not become us. I just love that line from The Princess Bride and here’s a guy who would give Wesley a run for his money left or right handed. This week’s new character is agent Abe. He never … Continue reading

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Mercury Rising

Here is an original character that I am developing named Mercury. She’s a secret agent (well she isn’t always so secret) that loves all things fast. Much like the element (and planet) that she is named for she is quick, … Continue reading

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