We are men of action…

Lies do not become us. I just love that line from The Princess Bride and here’s a guy who would give Wesley a run for his money left or right handed.

Oh say can you see

Introducing Agent Abe (don't ask about his relations)

This week’s new character is agent Abe. He never tells a lie, so he doesn’t talk very much. It’s rumored that Abe once remained in the air for seven minutes after taking off for a flying kick.

He’s laconic, he’s tough and he’s more than willing to open up a can of star spangled hurt.

Because of significant computer problems I couldn’t scan my final sketch (and we can’t find our digital camera) and had to use Freehand to trace an early one. It took way longer than I expected, but technically it’s still Monday so my streak is on. I will do my best to include some other sketches of Abe that I made this week, but couldn’t upload.

Look for more agents and some not so agenty folks coming up.

Abe once kicked a shark out of the water

A sketch I did scan

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  1. Matt says:

    Wow that looks America!

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