Here’s Hawkeye’s good buddy Trapper on his 365th day of active duty and his last.

I could care less, but it would be difficult.

I could care less, but it would be difficult.

In my re-imagining Pierce didn’t show up until a year into the war. Trapper was there from the beginning. They meet and spend a year making trouble for Blake and the rest of the 4077th, then Trapper goes home at the end of his two year stint.

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5 Responses to Trapper

  1. Mr. Hoose says:

    This one has more of the Robert Altman film than the Hawkeye which seemed to be based in the world of TV. Definitely giving Trapper the responsibility for all of the naughtiness.

  2. Matt says:

    For sure, Elliott Gould’s Trapper is a much worse then TV’s Wayne Rogers. In my re-imagining Trapper is the one that spoils Hawkeye, then later Honeycut brings him back from the edge… a bit.

  3. Matt says:

    I have Burns and Hot Lips colored, but Blake and Radar are probably coming up before them… maybe.

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