Birdies and Bombs

Bird and Bombs

J presents this week’s post “Birdies and Bombs.” He says that this work shows, “That birds can explode easily.” He said his inspiration was because, “He likes birds.” I asked him how that works with blowing them up and he said, “because I’m crazy.” I’m thinking it might also have something to do with his love of Angry Birds (I hope). I know his hunting grandpa might express the same feelings.

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4 Responses to Birdies and Bombs

  1. lorihoose says:

    Amazing rendering of a bomb-filled community! Nice work, J.

    Personally, I think the birds will fare pretty well in this scenario, since most of them seem to be in hiding. 😉

  2. Matt says:

    That’s a lot of bombs. I like the birds long legs.

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