The Puddle Device - Makes What You Need!

The Puddle Device - Makes What You Need!

This is more of an idea at this point then it is a finished product, so please excuse me.  This is a Puddle or more accurately, this is a Puddle Device.

The Puddle Device is used by UofR (and sometimes, without UofR’s knowing, by Riot) to create duplicates.   The best way to described a Puddle Device is half light bulb / half artichoke.

The duplicates are almost always imperfect. (Note that this duplicate human has no nose)  But most of the time they’re serviceable.  They will however, always have the bright green Puddle Fluid color mixed in.

Wyatt wants desperately to get his hands on the Puddle Device Distributor, but it’s in the ship and he’s not allowed in the ship.

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2 Responses to Puddles

  1. doodlehoose says:

    And it’s a good thing he’s never allowed on the ship.

    So will they also smell like artichoke?

  2. meg says:

    the magic artichoke of awesome!

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