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You may have noticed that the illustration above is not another agent or alien. You may have also noticed that many of the Hoose and Hoose Too posts have had a certain similiarity of late. I assure that this is intentional, and speaking of intentions this week I intended to post a pic of my whole team of agents. However, as I have been building to this moment over the past few weeks, so has my perfectionism. I have been struggling to capture the image of the scene that is in my mind on my paper/computer screen and I have failed to do so.

I’ve noticed that my blogs are more verbose when the art isn’t working the way I want and I’ve also noticed that I learn more about myself when I’m stumbling into mistakes. So with the deadline looming I decided to continue working on the team shot, but do something different for today’s post (I will get that team shot done!). Something, but what?

This September I started co-teaching a college sunday school class at my church. It has been a great experience as I get to relive some of the emotions and thoughts I had in my college days. It’s also been good for honing my worldview. As I teach, or react to students I am forced to give good reasons for what I believe. I’ve found that that get’s hard when you don’t practice. One of my favorite bible verses is from Proverbs (I don’t remember the number) and it goes something like this, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” The students and my co-teachers have been sharpening me, and I hope that I am sharpening them as well.

Two weeks ago our class set up it’s own facebook group and I was challenged to create an image to go along with it. I didn’t get to it very quickly and a very cute Alpaca (not a spitting Llama) was posted to save the day, but I was cogitating on an image that would capture what we are doing in class. I chose the Bible, coffee and communion as my symbols of the foundations of Christian fellowship (I suppose you can be a Christian without coffee, but why would you want to?).

I guess this week’s post is a bit of a niche, but I hope that if you don’t quite fit this niche that you still enjoyed the illustration and that you take time to engage your community this week.

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4 Responses to Another little diversion

  1. Lori says:

    I love this image. It makes me think of all the things that draw us into worship and fellowship. Jesus never meant for us to live this life in a vacuum, which is why he created the church. Together, we can do what we could never do alone.

    Plus, cogitating is a cool word. I’m hoping my cogitations today produce some meaningful images of my own, that I can then capture through prose. Hugs! Thanks!

  2. adrienne says:

    INDEED about the coffee.

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