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Let’s Get Digital

Still getting used to my multi-year old wacom tablet. So I’m forcing myself to work with that straight up for a bit to get the hang of it. Expect some more to come.

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Blue Bloo

Would you believe that it was a good deal harder to draw Bloo, then it was to draw Blue. I had the raptor on the first try, but had to redraw the imaginary friend three times to get him in … Continue reading

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Run Robo Run

Not sure if Robo is running to or from something, but he wants to get there fast!

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Some Pun-centric Random

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Another Rainy Day

These are marker renderings dipped in water and touched up after. The Hell Boy and Thing are Copies of the Skottie Young Drawings below. The other two are just where I went after that. Enjoy

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Some Random

Went out to watch Game 4 last night, here’s some random this and that… that that produced.

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Scratching the Surface

This is J’s first scratch art. We got a bit distracted so I couldn’t get his story about it, but I hope to get you more info when you get to see the second one next week.

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Armless but Not Harmless

Didn’t have time to color this week’s and couldn’t think of a caption so I’m outsourcing that to you as a caption contest with a no prize. As for the coloring I think Doodlehoose Too should take that on 🙂 … Continue reading

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What a day.

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Black and White and Red all over.

This is what you get when you have a black and a red gel pen close at hand and you’re too lazy to go get anything else.

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