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Was watching M*A*S*H the other night and started doodling. Ended up drawing two versions of each of the main characters (except Winchester, didn’t get Winchester done before I went to bed) Here’s Hawkeye at the start of his tour and … Continue reading

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Iiiiiiii aaaaaaaint got no boddddddy!

Here’s the fourth ten and yes that was fun to say. It’s Arnim Zola from Winter soldier. He’s had many incarnations in the Marvel universe (including one that I think made guest appearances in the original TMNT cartoon), but this … Continue reading

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Two Tens

This series has been fun, but I really didn’t think it through all the way. I have a lot of Avengers and X-men Completed that I have to arrange on the cards, but not many Hydra or Brotherhood characters so … Continue reading

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Avengers was great. I really enjoyed it. I hope that the sequals and spinoffs live up to the fun of the first one and this is my snapshot of Hulk asking for an Avengers 2.   This week’s post is … Continue reading

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