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Even More MASH

So, here are all the rest of the rebooted MASH characters… I wanted to sting these along for a couple more weeks, but I just couldn’t wait. These are all the people that replaced other people or joined the war … Continue reading

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Frank Burns

Here’s the thing. When we meet Frank he’s already spent a year dealing with Trapper’s hedonism and Blake’s apathy… so he’s on edge. He’s a good-to-great surgeon in ideal conditions, but conditions aren’t ideal at the 4077th. He’s feeling the … Continue reading

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Henry Blake

For my M*A*S*H reimagining Blake is not a draftee. Instead he’s career military, counting out the last few days until his twenty years are in and he can finally retire. He only overlaps with Hawkeye for one year of service … Continue reading

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This week’s doodle is agent Klink. She is affectionately named for the sound that her robot cart makes and maybe just a little for her ridiculous German accent- I mean efficiency (don’t want to offend any Germans we Hoose have … Continue reading

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