Caption Contest

This is a sculpture I did as a teacher sample. My students wanted to do a project with 3D printing that didn’t involve the computer. So we grabbed a file from Thingiverse and then made the environment.

I ended up with an ice dragon looking at a castle. I can’t decide if she just froze the castle, found an ice castle, worked for a princess that isn’t interested in visitors or what.

So the caption could be the dragon speaking or the minuscule people- you decide. The prize is people thinking you are clever and bragging rights.


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4 Responses to Caption Contest

  1. Matt says:

    I’ll call it… Iceland… no wait…

    And that’s where I’ll put my nightstand… and that’s the library.


    Ice goes in, serfs come out… ice goes in, serfs come out.

  2. Matt says:

    I know you’re in there, come out and buy my daughter’s cookies.

    If you want, I can make it even colder.

    Ice bucket challenge… I haven’t heard those words in years…

    I’m here to serve revenge… cold revenge

  3. Matt says:

    Boss says it’s cold… of course it’s cold… I’m an ice dragon…

    “So, we tell the dragon, we appreciate what its done… but we’re good on ice”
    “I don’t think that’ll work.”
    “But we can try.”
    “YOU can try.”

  4. Doodlehoose says:

    Ice Bucket Challenge now that’s a throwback

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