Vote Early Vote Often

Okay so I thought I was through with, but they came up with a challenge that I thought was fun so I have five designs for you to vote on and probably some more coming this week. Without further ado here are my designs for the costume T challenge. Vote 5 for the ones you like (that are mine 😉 ) and don’t vote for the ones you don’t like. Just click on the image to go to voting.

When you need to call Batman or give everyone at the party your phone number use this customizable costume T

Call Me, a cool t-shirt design Some people have abs of steel, but with this T you can have abs of ABS plastic

ABS of Plastic, a cool t-shirt design

You scream, I scream, we all scream when someone tries to bite your costume T

Imma Ice Cream Sammich, a cool t-shirt design

Unlock the power that’s inside

Quite a Catch, a cool t-shirt design

If you love Coldplay, then you’ll love this costume T

Yellow, a cool t-shirt design

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2 Responses to Vote Early Vote Often

  1. Matt says:

    The ice cream sandwich is awesome, I think that’s my favorite, but they’re all pretty cool. Well done.

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