The King with the Box

You're gonna do WHAT with to your sister!

You’re gonna do WHAT with to your sister!

All hail Tyrion, the king with the box.

Here are some sketches on the way to where we got.

Here are some sketches on the way to where we got.

That first Tyrion face is still my favorite… you can see that it took me three layouts before I decided I didn’t wanna have to draw The Iron Throne.

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3 Responses to The King with the Box

  1. doodlehoose says:

    I forgot Tyrion was blond, but then all the Lannisters are aren’t they?

    My favorite Zoidberg face is the second one. In the last one he looks aghast, but in the second one he looks nervous.

  2. Matt says:

    I liked the nervous one too and it might’ve worked better cause Tyrion holding a box that contains our universe is something that should/would make anyone nervous.

    That first Tyrion face is still my favorite, it’s this nice balance of sly smile and anger… the final one ends up just being angry. I would’ve kept the first face if I’d been able to replicate it.

    I can never replicate the looseness of my sketches in a final product. It annoys me.

    SPOILER ALERT: I read something online theorizing that Tyrion could be 1/2 Targaryen… cause of his one black eye… which could be purple perhaps instead of black? I thought it was an interesting notion, plus in the fifth book Dany asks Ser Barristan who her brother and father would’ve married had they married for love. Ser Barristan suggest that Prince Rhaegar had a fondness for the Stark girl and that King Aerys harbored a certain desire for Lord Tywin’s wife…. and that the Lannister Lord was greatly upset by some of the liberties that King Aerys took during the bedding after the Tywin’s wedding… So could it be that Tyrion is a 1/2 brother and so is Jon?

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