Scratching the Surface

J Scratch 1

This is J’s first scratch art. We got a bit distracted so I couldn’t get his story about it, but I hope to get you more info when you get to see the second one next week.

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8 Responses to Scratching the Surface

  1. Matt says:

    I’ll make up a story for it…

    A man, hiding a dark past, who loves his new life, botany, and pizza must take up the sword against invading alien forces. But, what is this strange circular squiggle that seems to have an H in it… and could it change the course of history?

  2. lorihoose says:

    Daylight enters the dark confines of the lost and forgotten greenhouse. A bird lights on the lone survivor of the cabbage wars. Swords, shields, triangles abound, and the sun shines, shines, shines down on our lone warrior. What will come next? Will the plants survive? Will the wild bird fly? Will the thin walls still stand tomorrow? Only Tomorrow knows…

  3. lorihoose says:

    Awesome drawing, J! Love, loved making up a funny lil story to go with it today. Can’t wait to hear your own version. 🙂

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