Angry Birds are After You


“Hmmmmmmmm” J says, “They don’t talk normal”

Rob's Phone April 2015 981

Rob's Phone April 2015 983

This week’s doodle has gone 3D! J made these sculptures this week because he likes Angry Birds (you might have noticed that from his last post of “Birds and Bombs”).

You can see that he has created two of his favorite birds with red and blue, but he has also added to the pantheon of frustrated foul the Atomic Robo Bird.

J says, “Next we’ll have a Dr. Dinosaur pig”

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5 Responses to Angry Birds are After You

  1. lorihoose says:

    Love these–GREAT JOB, J! Can’t wait for Dr. Dinosaur Pig. I know it will be outstanding–in the jungle, that is. LOL

  2. Matt says:

    Those are pretty well made Angry Birds. Atomic Robo bird is a good addition to the group. Well done J.

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