The Werewolf Has Arisen



This Wednesday introduces the amazingly talented Doodlehoose Jr. (J). Doodlehoose Jr. is six years old and looking forward to sharing his art with you. Come back on Wednesdays and check it out. He may not be able to get something up every week (after all it is his first year of school), but he’s gonna try.

J drew this werewolf and created the title so that you could have a little Halloween in February. Daddy (Robert Hoose) scanned it and added the black at his son’s command.

J gave us this story to go with the illustration. Oh no, the Werewolf has got me!

Come back next week. We’re going to do Lego drawings next week.

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3 Responses to The Werewolf Has Arisen

  1. Matt says:

    Another doodler, YES! Well done Doodle Jr. That werewolf is great!

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