Rolling for Amusement

Matt's first run on the logo and box design

Matt’s first run on the logo and box design

An early version I did of the card

An early version I did of the card

Rolling RedesignMy second run at the card design (Garrett didn’t like this one)


This week’s post is in honor of one of my best friends Garrett Herdter. He has been designing games for several years and this year he will have his first three published! Rolling for Amusement is one of his games that is coming out in 2015. It’s is a dice rolling game where you try to build the best amusement park in the world (while also sabotaging competitors). My brother (Doodlehoose Two) and I did the concept art for the game box and cards. The company that picked it up went with a different artist, but the game is still super cool. You can support Garrett and get your own copy of the game over at

Don’t waste anymore time and get your entrepreneurial juices going!


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  1. Matt says:

    I like the Undermining image.

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